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Finding the cooker element that's right for you

Any fault with the cooker is a major inconvenience and a blown element is no exception, so you'll want to get it fixed straight away. Fortunately, our quick finder makes locating the right element for your cooker easy and with next day delivery available you won't be kept waiting. There are two types of elements available:

Cooker Elements

Genuine replacement cooker elements

A genuine spare part is made by the original manufacturer of the cooker and is designed to work as a 'like for like' replacement.

Pattern replacement cooker elements

A pattern spare part is made by an alternative manufacturer and is designed to work with specific models of cooker. Pattern parts are manufactured to offer a comparable quality to the genuine part.

To see all elements that are compatible with your cooker, simply enter your brand of cooker and the cooker model number. For help finding your model number try our model number finder.

How to diagnose a faulty cooker element

The fan or grill element can burn out at any time but it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time. Fortunately it is quite a straight forward repair that most people should be able to complete.

First, you need to check that a blown element is the cause of the fault. A burnt out element is likely if your cooker no longer heats up. There will usually be visual clues of a fault on the element itself. These include signs of burning or spitting on the coils or connectors.

Before buying a replacement, confirm the element is definitely the problem by checking the controls are set properly and the appliance is plugged in. It is also worth checking the circuit breaker has not tripped or the fuse blown.

Top 3 Cooker Tips

Cooker Elements

It's not just the element on the cooker that can need maintenance.

Seal in the heat for even cooking

The oven door gasket is important for maintaining the correct cooking temperature. If the seal is loose or damaged it allows heat to escape which leads to improperly cooked meals and higher utility bills. If your gasket's damaged replace it today! View our range of oven gaskets

Don't let dinner hinge on the door

The oven door should shut tightly to keep heat locked in and maintain temperature. If your oven door doesn't form a tight seal then it won't cook as well. A poor fitting door is usually a sign that the hinges have broken or bent and need to be replaced. View our range of oven door hinges

Make your cooker sparkle

Give your cooker a thorough clean inside and out the easy way with our range of cleaners. Cut through grease and grime to leave your oven glistening - the perfect preparation for cooking up a feast. View our cooker cleaning range

How to replace a fan or grill element

When you've diagnosed the problem with your cooker as a faulty grill or fan element the next step is to replace it. How you go about doing this will depend on the type of cooker you have, the following is general guidance for most electric cookers.

Replacing a fan oven element:

Always remember safety before attempting a repair. Unplug your cooker from the power supply and allow any hot components time to cool down sufficiently.

Locate the faulty element within your cooker and unscrew the mounting bracket which holds the element in place. Pull the element towards you until you can see the connecting wires and disconnect.

Make a note of where the wires attach, as this will help with connecting up the new element. Buy a new element using our quick finder and install by reconnecting the wires and fitting the replacement element into the housing.